Material homogeneity

We guarantee the homogeneity of genetic material, based on eggs imported from France, Kanada or from Poland, from the world market renowned breeding farms.


We operate modern incubators of Petersime brand, as well as the hatchery equipment.

Health and quality

Health and quality of chick nestlings is our priority. The production of chick nestlings takes place under the professional supervision in comfortable conditions.


Taking care of the animal welfare and quality of chick nestlings as well as the safety of our customers,  the hatching establishment is subjected to systematic and rigorous veterinary checks.


Hatchings are conducted throughout the year; twice a week, we can prepare and deliver 70-80 thousand pieces of chick nestlings (mixed) at a time.

Gender separation

After hatching, chick nestlings are separated through genders, known as so called „chick sexing” by specialists in this field .


We guarantee professional maintenance service in the course of delivery.


We offer our own specialised transport services, adapted for chick transport. Cars are equipped with climate control system, maintaining fixed humidity, temperature, and CO2 level - so we will get any quantity to the designated place and at the specified date and time.

B.U.T.-6 breed

The greatest final weight and viability makes this turkey breed ideal for further processing and production of products with so called added value.
Male turkey | Female turkey | Mixed

Prices set individually


Hybrid Converter breed

The balanced connection of the great feedstuff conversion with an elastic processing mass, which can be easily adapted to market needs.
Male turkey | Female turkey | Mixed
Prices set individually

Additional services

Any vaccination
Undercutting of beaks